Encouragement on YouTube


Recently, user Dragon34th on YouTube commented on one of my videos:

One course for any language??? Yeah right - Linguisticdisscursorabberatormastercashcollectorlubricatormasturbator :)) How does that new word sound, cool huh? Well, I invented it. I mean, any idiot in his or her cognitive mind interested in a foreign language would know that the simpliest route from A - B is simply: A - B in which case getting it on & start learning that significant new language. What part of the world r u from dude since every foreign language work differently? Idiot!

Is he a native speaker of English? I wonder. Aside from the rudeness of this language in a public forum, his comment suffers from the following faults:

  • His new "word" violates basic rules of compounding and orthography in English;
  • "cognitive mind" is redundant and appears to be some attempt to sound more intelligent by using a Latinate, multi-syllabic word (perhaps Dragon34th is, unlike normal human beings, accustomed to using some form of non-cognitive mind and felt the need to specify);
  • Logic? If the shortest path from A - B is A - B, then I can just go from no knowledge of language to fluency without any intermediary steps. Wouldn't that be something?
  • "Getting it on" means something different in my dialect of English than "getting on with it" (just saying). The present participle "getting" is furthermore not parallel in construction to the present indicative active form "start";
  • It's good to know that the new language is "significant" but this whole construction is incoherent and does not form an actual sentence;
  • The use of "r u" for "are you" is out of place, but might we forgive him the use of text speak given that characters are limited in YouTube comments and he had to use up several for his new "word"?
  • Subject verb agreement between "language" and "work" is incorrect
  • Commas lacking in penultimate sentence

In this small sample of ill conceived malice there are so many errors as to point to a decided lack of education and intelligence. Who is the real idiot?

I have deleted the comment on YouTube because it adds no value to any form of discussion or constructive dialogue. Never argue with a fool: people watching might not know the difference.

The comment merits no direct reply. I include this post here more for the entertainment of Linguisticator subscribers than for anything else. I have had my fair share of hateful and abusive comments on YouTube and elsewhere from people who betray themselves as incapable of using one language well, much less two or more. I encourage you all to consider your audience when speaking or writing, and not to dismiss anything without first evaluating it properly (provided you yourself have any real analytical skills and cognitive ability to speak of).

Linguisticator is one course for any language and it yields results because of years of research and hard work. It is not something some guy who kinda likes languages set up in a weekend. Go ahead and try to do the same. I have furthermore made the program — including private lessons — as affordable as possible because I want people to use it. I love what I do and I know it works well; I developed this first for myself, after all. Demand dictated creating the Linguisticator program and I am constantly working to improve the service I offer.

As I have said elsewhere before, there is a difference between "questioning" and being a tool. Question and be sharp, but remember to respect others for who they are and for the real work they've done and expertise they possess.

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