French Grammar: A Memory Palace in Macunx VR Part I

Memory palace

By: Harriet Cook

Three weeks ago we published the first in a series of videos on how to create memory palaces for learning French grammar. We are really excited to start sharing these videos with you so that you can see the potential Macunx VR has to revolutionise the ways we store, retain and recall the structure of any new language we are learning.

At Linguisticator we break languages apart into their component pieces and then map each of these component pieces out as systematically and exhaustively as possible in order to bring you the resources you need to learn a new language. In this video you'll see how we use our French map (available to buy on fabric here) to set up the structure of a Virtual Reality memory palace for learning French. The structure of the map, which contains all of the patterns, variations and exceptions within the grammatical system of French, is what we use to determine the structure of the Virtual Reality memory palace itself and as Dr Aaron Ralby, CEO and founder of Linguisticator, guides a tour through the memory palace in this video, you'll see how it relates to each section of the map.

The overarching memory palace Aaron creates serves as a kind of table of contents for French grammar and allows us to connect to different memory palaces using the new portal function in Macunx VR. The portal function has not been seen before so if you are keen to see it in action, do check out this video! As with our US Constitution video, here we have instructor spots which are glowing circles that contain the textual information users of Macunx VR need to replace with mnemonic images.

Future videos in this series will show how to build memory palaces for nouns, verbs, etc, so stay tuned. Finally, if you are interested in our French map, fabric copies are available to purchase from Amazon here.

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