Get Confused


Dive in and get confused. If you are learning a language and have not faced massive confusion, you are probably not doing it right.

Confusion is part of the process and follows hard on the heels of initial excitement. Many people get scared off by this sense of not knowing what is going on. The confusion may last hours, days, or possibly a couple of weeks. It's easy to think that the obscurities won't resolve themselves, and give up entirely. It's sad when I see this happen.

Confusion is an important part of the language learning process. It's the sensation of the mind opening up to something new and big. Gnaw on the confusion and work to resolve it even if you can't. You will learn most by facing it head on.

Confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed are important and natural stages in the process of learning a language. Everyone experiences them. The question is what you do with them. You have to learn to see these sensations as separate from you and not let them affect your progress in the language. Just keep focusing on the language itself. If you focus on the confusion, you will not get anywhere.

Confusion is good. It means you're facing the complexities of the language. Then, it's up to you to confront that confusion until you understand the underlying complexities. If you can do this, you will progress quickly.

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