Learn French Online - Course Sample Now on YouTube

You can learn French online with Linguisticator's full course in French grammar and vocabulary. We'll teach you to understand and store in your memory all the grammatical patterns contained on our unique map of French. Explaining the concept of our language maps is tricky if someone has never seen them. It's much better to show what the maps look like and how they work. So, we're putting up samples of our courses onto YouTube so people can find out about our courses more easily. These samples are already free to view on our course pages under "curriculum" but we want to put them front and center!

The video above is from our Starter Module in our French program. All our courses start with a Starter Module, which is designed to introduce topics of structure through survival language. Using common useful expressions, we go through and explain how the examples work grammatically. This way, you can start getting a real sense for the patterns of the language while learning essential expressions. We also teach how to create a small memory palace to remember all the phrases covered in our Starter Module.

Check out our French course HERE.

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