Learn Spanish Verbs Using Virtual Reality: New Demo of Macunx VR

Macunx VR demo

By: Harriet Cook

This week we published an update on our YouTube channel about how we're getting on with development of Macunx VR. We have been busy working on the software since our successful crowd funding campaign last summer and are pleased to share this new demo with our Kickstarter backers and all others interested in how to build memory palaces in VR.

The video below explores a demo version of the software, showing off some of the features and functionality we've built into Macunx VR and also demonstrating how the software can be used for learning a complex subject like Spanish verbs.

We hope the demo gives you a feel for the software and how absorbing VR environments can be. The kind of retention rates VR offers means that users will hopefully be able to get to grips with a language's verbal system in just a few sessions.

One of the most important and exciting features of the software is that learners can populate their VR memory palace with mnemonics that are specific to their own interests and experiences. We have built in a library system whereby users can pull 3D objects from a pre-installed bank of models. There are exciting plans in store to build on this library feature and we will be working on bringing these to fruition in the coming months.

We are currently collaborating on the development of Macunx VR with University of Westminster faculty, students and graduates, and will be continuing to work with one of their students to add more functionality to the software and get the Free Build version ready for release.

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