Learn Turkish with Linguisticator's New Course!

Turkish Essentials

By: Harriet Cook

Last week we launched our brand new course Turkish Essentials. The course teaches those who have no prior knowledge of Turkish the most essential phrases and expressions in the language. For more information, please hit play on the video below!

Combining all our experience in course creation, languages and memory techniques, Turkish Essentials is our sleekest course yet and was co-authored by Dr Aaron Ralby, CEO and founder of Linguisticator, and Selay Pamir. Selay, the newest member of the Linguisticator team, is a native Turkish speaker and holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. She is also a passionate teacher.


Designed as the first in a whole series of Turkish courses, Turkish Essentials provides an introduction to Turkish as well as detailed instruction in how to set up a memory palace to master the material explained in the course. All of the content is explained in detail with a view to giving you an understanding of not only what the expressions mean, but also how they are constructed in Turkish.

Detailed instruction is provided in how to create a memory palace to store all of the content of this course and 3D animations that demonstrate how this structure might look are also included.

We have already begun work on the follow-on courses for Turkish, including the complete map of Turkish grammar. Broadly speaking we are now splitting all our language courses into grammar and functions, and this course in Turkish Essentials marks the first of the functions courses we are planning to release this year.

To sign up to the course, please visit this page.

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