Macunx VR Now Available on Steam!

Macunx VR

By: Harriet Cook

We're very excited to share that the 'Free Build' mode of Macunx VR is available to download on Steam here! The software went live on 20th June 2018, exactly two years to the day from the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

Based on imaginative medieval memory techniques, with Macunx VR you can learn, retain and recall any information you want just by creating and exploring new spaces.

When you build a memory palace you set up a kind of mental library that leverages your innate capacity for spatial and experiential learning. This then allows you to master huge amounts of new information in short periods of time and with remarkable levels of retention.

Thanks to our amazing developers, Aleksandar and Milos, the software already has all the functionality necessary for you to be able to build really useful memory palaces in Virtual Reality. The demo video below explores the range of features already available for you to start using:

The next video shows how you can set up a memory palace in Macunx VR to learn the first ten digits of pi. First you have to set up a space, then decide what mnemonics to use for each image and then connect these together with some kind of narrative or story. To see how you can import 3D models into Macunx VR and place them on specific pedestals, click play on the video below:

We are really looking forward to gathering your feedback so that we can refine the software, release additional features and then start releasing guided memory palaces for specific subjects. If you'd like to get in touch and share your thoughts on Macunx VR with us, please do so via our contact page here.
Our launch was covered by Upload VR and also VR Nerds.
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