Mastering the Fear

Don't give up

Everyone gets overwhelmed when learning a new language. It's part of the process, and the best thing to do is learn to see it as just a step along the way.

The fact of the matter is, learning a new language takes a lot of work. There's no way around that. At Linguisticator, the fear typically enters when people start the mapping process. One way of looking at a language map is as a giant to-do list. You are going to have to learn everything on the map in order to become fluent. That can certainly seem daunting.

The trick is to learn to have a sense for the overall picture while simultaneously breaking the process down into smaller stages. Consider it an ongoing and daily process, rather than a pill you have to swallow all at once. Virtually everyone gets nervous when having to add form after form and construction after construction to the map. It looks like a massive challenge. But it's important to remember that the map is comprehensive — once you've learned it, you will have an excellent command of the language.

Everyone gets scared or overwhelmed. Note the sensation, observe it, and then roll up your sleeves and start the daily process of working through your map. Of those at Linguisticator who decide to take the leap and push through the "Tackling" stage, everyone starts to see how manageable it becomes after just a few days of performing the daily exercises. You can only learn one piece at a time, so just keep progressing, and before you know it you'll have covered all the material that a few weeks before looked so terrifying.

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