Monks, Philologists and VR: Dr Aaron Ralby's TEDx Talk Now Live on YouTube

TEDx Cambridge University

By: Harriet Cook

Earlier this year Dr Aaron Ralby, CEO and founder of Linguisticator, spoke about Virtual Reality memory palaces and language learning at TEDx Cambridge University. The TEDx committee are in the process of uploading all talks from the conference to YouTube and Aaron's is available to watch either by clicking here or hitting play on the video embedded below.

In the short talk Aaron speaks about the philologists and medieval memory masters who have inspired him as well as the knowledge requirement for reaching fluency in a language. He also uses a demo of Macunx VR to show how Virtual Reality memory palaces can be used to learn large and complex subjects like languages.

Shortly after the talk Aaron wrote a comprehensive post for the Linguisticator blog on his experiences preparing for and speaking at TEDx Cambridge University which you can read here. In total twelve speakers participated in TEDx Cambridge University 2017 and the committee behind the event are busy uploading their talks to YouTube at the moment - if you're interested in watching some of these, please head to the TEDx Cambridge University playlist here.

And finally, if TEDx Cambridge University has inspired you to watch more TED or TEDx videos, don't forget that they can be really useful if you're learning a language. A few months ago we posted a piece on our blog about how you can use TED talks to supplement your language learning - you can find the post here.

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