Our New Premium Memory Package

Linguisticator Premium Memory Package

Linguisticator – and our offering – is constantly developing and improving. Over the last couple of years, we've seen how people use our courses, and we've taken their feedback and put it back into course and program development, improving all of our existing courses and adding new ones. In particular, we've seen how excited and enthusiastic people get when they go through our memory course. So, we've decided to expand our offering considerably in this area, revising and expanding our main memory course and adding a number of memory modules on different subjects, and our new course bundle: the Premium Memory Package.

The memory course is the gateway to all our language programs. A language is a big complex system – it contains so much material to learn, even the most ardent learners can become overwhelmed and daunted. The memory course changes all of that.

I have worked with many people on these memory techniques in person, and the change in attitude toward our language maps is often dramatic and instant. Students go from being terrified of the language maps before learning the memory techniques, to being excited by the same maps. You can see it in their eyes after they've done the memory training; they look at the maps anew and think, “I can do this.”

The memory techniques can, of course, be applied to more than just language, and many people have asked us about this. How would you apply these techniques to history, or science, or mathematics? As the memory course has become the central pillar and gateway of all Linguisticator's programs, we've decided to build on this and create our new Premium Memory Package.

We've recently launched short-courses in memory for different topics: how to learn Numbers, Presidents of the USA, and Countries and Capitals of the world. These memory modules are designed to provide the materials (often in downloadable handouts) and instruction for how to set up the spatial memory palace for each topic. While the basic principles of memory can be learned fairly quickly, figuring out how to apply them to different subjects can be really challenging; that's what the new memory modules are designed to help with.

The new Premium Memory Package is a bundle of all our non-language memory courses. It includes the main memory course and all the memory modules. At the moment, there are only three memory modules, but we will be adding several more in the future.

Our language courses are now even more of a bargain, too, as all the memory modules are now included with each language, too. In other words, if you sign up for a language on Linguisticator, you get access to all the memory courses and modules, too.

So, we are still working on new maps and language programs, but we've realized we can expand our offering in other exciting directions, as well, through the addition of these memory modules and our Premium Memory package. All of this will, of course, feed in to the development of guided modules in our forthcoming VR software, Macunx VR.

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