Our New Video Platform

catFriday was a big day — we launched both our new Memory Course and our new video platform. Let's talk a little about the changes and why they're important.

First of all, the Memory Course is very exciting. It clearly sets out the techniques and systems I've been working to develop for the better part of the last decade. The astonishing feats of memory it enables you to perform seem impossible and outlandish, but they are all easily learned. To prove it, we're giving away a month free to anyone who wants it. Just use code LINGMEM.

Now, onto our new online learning platform. I am a language geek, not a web developer. When I started the online platform for Linguisticator 4 years ago, I had little idea of what I was doing. More frustrating, I couldn't find anyone at the time with experience in setting up or running membership-access video course websites. It was a steep and difficult learning curve.

The number of off-the-shelf solutions for all kinds of web resources has grown tremendously in the last few years. Wordpress itself has seen a huge proliferation of powerful themes and plugins that used to require custom coding. It's now possible to set something up in an hour that would have taken days a few years ago. Fortunately, there has been enough growth in online learning that the wonderful folks at Fedora have decided to build a platform for delivering online courses.

Our new platform, powered by Fedora, is a big step up for our users. It is sleeker and cleaner in its user interface, and therefore also much more intuitive to navigate. It provides better video playback across devices, including tablets and mobile phones. It also saves your place not only within the course itself, but also within a single video. That way, if you need to dash off, you can start up again exactly where you left off.

On our side, the new platform is great, because it is easier to manage. Putting our courses online takes a fraction of the time. With our old system, every link had to be entered manually. Considering there are hundreds of videos in each course, that makes for a lot of painstaking organization. It also left much to be desired in delivery, with links often showing up broken, or breaking when we made other updates to pages.

It is hard to describe the amount of time I have personally spent over the last few years learning about and then building the systems for delivering our courses. With our new platform, we can now focus on what we enjoy and what will bring more languages to you: creating courses.

If you have an account with Linguisticator already, you will need to create a new password in the new system. Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer user accounts.

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