Russian Course Launching Soon!

Linguisticator Russian Course

By: Harriet Cook

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our first Russian course soon!

We know many of our users have been waiting for a Russian course for a long time. We're very pleased to let you know that all the materials for the course have now been completed and we are in the final stages of editing.

Russian Essentials will be the first in a whole series of Russian courses from Linguisticator. This first course will teach learners how to read and write Cyrillic, as well as how to understand and use essential conversational Russian. As always, we break down and explain all the examples in detail so you can really grasp how Russian works as a language.

We are very pleased to have Mariia Terentieva, a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, as the instructor for this course. She trained as a television journalist and is currently pursuing a PhD in Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge.

The course takes you through our map of Essential Russian and then teaches you how to build a memory palace to store and use all of the content we provide. Walk-throughs of a sample virtual memory palace are included as part of the course. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts in the coming weeks to hear when the course goes live!

(This course is now live and can be found here)

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