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Reading the news in the language you're learning is a great way to supplement and support your study. Our guest blogger Anthony Davies has been working hard to compile a list of resources for people learning Russian and here he shares with us some of the best places to go to for Russian news.

Newspapers (Online and Print)

Angliya - weekly Russian newspaper: international news, articles and commentary on UK politics and current affairs, healthy living, anecdotes, jokes. Russian events, particularly in London, often advertised here. As a whole, useful for understanding Russian perceptions. Contains many adverts, though these may be useful for improving vocabulary. Website contains some short supplementary articles, as well as full articles from the printed edition.

Free online (, and in print in over 30 UK cities and at many London tube stations (see Printed every Thursday.

Subscription to receive via post £25 for 6 months, £45 for 1 year (


B B C R u s s i a n S e r v i c e : Concise news articles on a multitude of international news items, very insightful and very rich in terms of vocabulary. The conciseness of articles means they are perfect for short but regular practice, or for just dipping into while waiting for the bus. A pleasure to read for Advanced learners and beyond.


National Capital Language Resource Centre

Simplified Russian language news, enunciated slowly, with useful vocabulary, questions to check comprehension, and scripts as a last resort. 150 audio files in total, more recent ones are 2'00”-2'30” in length, older ones are 1'30”. Invaluable for Intermediate learners, useful for Beginners.

Up until February 2015 - means learner will not be familiar with story from the news, a good challenge.

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