Save the Date! Language Show Live in October

Language Show Live 2015

If you're in London, UK between the 16-18th of October 2015, come by Olympia for the Language Show Live. The Language Show Live is a 3-day trade show for language and translation companies from all over the world to exhibit their products and services. There are workshops, talks, and live performances of dance and song from around the world. There's also food. It's an amazing event: close to 10,000 people attended last year over the 3 days, and it's a great event for students, teachers, and those looking to network for jobs and other professional purposes.

This year, we'll be at stand 322, where we'll be displaying our language maps, demoing our online courses, and of course answering all questions. It's a lot of fun, so if you're in London in mid-October, please check out the event, come say hi, and maybe pick up a map or two. We'll be selling language maps of Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Latin American Spanish, and Castilian Spanish.

Last year we also had a stand at the Language Show. It was my first time at the event, not just my first time manning a professional stand. Everything was a bit last minute - we decided to do the event about 2-3 weeks prior and we didn't know what to expect. Faye came across openings for exhibitors and got the ball rolling. We spent a few days desperately trying to finish up work on German and Spanish maps (which were not released yet) and ordered the first print-run with rush delivery. As chance would have it, the maps were delivered to us at the show, which was a little crazy.

Considering how last-minute and disorganized everything was, the event was a great success. Our stand really stood out with all its colorful maps, we made a lot of good contacts, and we even got a picture in the Guardian. I'm hoping that with more time to prepare - as well as more maps - this year will be less stressful and even more successful. Please attend and come see us!

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