Spanish and Italian Programs Upgraded!

Spanish Italian Linguisticator Courses

Over the last several months, we've been working to make a number of key additions and improvements to each of our existing online language courses. These improvements are based on the feedback of our users and primarily include more downloadable review material and more explanation of how to apply the memory systems to each portion of each language. I'm pleased to announce that we've now completed those additions on both our Spanish and Italian courses, just in time for the holidays!

Both Latin American Spanish and Italian now feature the following:

  • New Starter Module -

A completely revised starter module designed to work in conjunction with our memory systems. All the videos have been visually reformatted to be more engaging, streamlined, and manageable. We now include full instruction in how to set up a memory palace just for the starter module and ritual language in general.

  • Downloadable Map Reviews -

The best way to view a full map of a language is still through our fabric language maps, but we now include downloadable handouts with all the examples from each language. These are formatted in a way that makes them easy to view and use on computers, tablets, and even phones, as well as easy to print off and make notes on.

  • Memory Worksheets -

For each section of the program, we now include memory worksheets and video tutorials on how to use them. These worksheets are designed to help you frame your memory palace. Many of our users found it challenging to apply the memory principles directly to the map without such detailed guidance. Now, every step of the process is clearly explained for each section of the map and program.

We will continue to improve our existing language programs whenever and wherever we can, but these additions mark a significant milestone for us as we've now addressed our most commonly received requests from our users. That means, we can get back to creating new programs for new languages, building all these elements into the new programs right from the start.

Linguisticator's languages programs are new and innovative, and there has been no roadmap for how to create them. We have had to hypothesize, test, iterate, and repeat. For me, this round of improvements has been a fine-tuning that really brings everything together. I'm personally very pleased with the template structure we have for our programs and our methods in creating them - they are the courses that I, as a language learner, would want to take.

Check out our Spanish course HERE and our Italian course HERE.

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