The New Look! What's with our Tiger Logo?

Linguisticator tigerI'm very pleased to announce the release of the new Linguisticator design! But you may be wondering, what connection do tigers have to language and why do we have a tiger logo? It's quite simple, so let me explain:

Language is awesome.

Tigers are awesome


Language <=> Tigers

It's like an SAT-style analogy. Language is to awesome... Tigers. It really is that simple.

Look at it another way: if you go to google image and search for language, you'll find a lot of really dry and boring images, IPA symbols, phonology charts, some random scripts... nothing too exciting. Which is a shame, because language is awesome. So how do we visualize language? Well, if you search for "Awesome" you'll probably see a tiger among the top hits. Boom.

The tiger embodies the principles we want to espouse: agility and strength, the no-nonsense approach we take, and the sheer awesomeness of language. It says, we don't mess around up in here. We get it done.

Embrace the tiger. Share in the awesome.

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