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We've got a lot happening here at Linguisticator: prototype maps for Latin American Spanish and German are both in and currently under revision to final form; I'll be giving a small demo this weekend at Cambridge's public library; and next weekend we'll be manning a stall in Olympia in London for the 3-day "Language Show Live."

2014-10-04 13.45.31First of all, we're super excited about our new additions to the map arsenal: Spanish and German. Our prototypes arrived last week and we've been busy combing through them word by word to make sure everything is just right. Spanish has already been sent off for final printing, and I'm taking a break from proofing German strong verbs in order to write this post.

In the picture at left, you'll also notice we've found a pretty handy way of hanging our maps (and an inexpensive way, too). It turns out there are map and poster hangers — plastic strips with grooves — that can be bought off places like Amazon. We went for the longest we could find, which was meant for world maps. Pretty handy!

This Saturday, I'll be giving a small demo at the local library on memory in language learning. If you're in Cambridge and free at 12:00, come by and say hello!

Next weekend (the 17th), our team will be manning a stall at the "Language Show Live" in Olympia in London. We'll be selling our maps and available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to demo our courses and answer any questions. We're really looking forward to a few days out of the office actually showing off the fruits of our labour! It should be a really fun event with lots of people interested in language learning. If you are in London, definitely come by and say hello.

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