Using a Language is More Fun than Learning it

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Some people I know have commented that the Linguisticator core video course can be dry and dull at times, and that I should make it "more fun." The fact of the matter is — and I say as much in the course — some of the material we cover is dry and dull, but absolutely essential to getting through the learning process quickly. I do not want to go down the path of so many other language learning resources or programs out there "making language learning fun" by watering down material and developing language learning games. Personally, I'm an adult, and I want to get to the point. Actually using the language is much more fun than learning it, so let's get there as fast as possible.

When I was rowing at University, our captain always said that Wednesday morning at 9am was the best time of the week. Why? Because our weekly Wednesday morning burn-out circuit session was not for another week. No one enjoyed the session, but we enjoyed what it did for us — allowed us to win races.

Conversing in a new language or getting so immersed in a foreign language book that you forget it's in another language is one of the most exhilarating and "fun" experiences one can have. My objective in creating Linguisticator was to get students to that point as quickly as possible. If what you want is to spend your time learning languages, Linguisticator may not be the program for you; if you want to spend your time using languages, then dive in.

Like any worthwhile endeavour, learning a new language takes a lot of work. I almost never even bother looking at language resources with "easy" in the title. At the end of the day, most people are more interested in the "idea" of speaking a language than the actuality of it; the work is too much unless there is a truly compelling need. Whenever I start to feel that way, I tell myself to man up and keep going — the reward is definitely worth it!

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