Using AI Art to Create Mnemonics

In our language learning journey, mnemonics are invaluable allies. They provide a creative and memorable pathway to remember new words and phrases. Sometimes these mnemonics are straightforward, everyday objects that we can easily find an image of. This allows us to see with our own eyes the physical image of our mnemonic. But sometimes the mnemonics we dream up in our imaginations are really weird, or wacky, or zany, and we would never actually be able to find an image representing that mnemonic. Or maybe it’s a combination of things that do exist, but that would never exist in that combination in real life. Now, however, with AI art generators, we can create images of really weird and wacky mnemonics that we dream up.


Consider, for example, the Italian word for orange - arancione. It sounds somewhat like a ranch. in English. As a mnemonic, we might envision a ranch with orange cows - a visual that doesn't naturally exist. But, with AI, we can breathe life into such a peculiar image.

Let's consider another example - the Italian greeting for good day or hello, which is


Buongiorno. We could split it into buon  (resembling bone in English) and giorno (reminiscent of DiGiorno pizzas). So, our mnemonic might be a pizza with bones in it. Sometimes when you give verbal prompts to AI image generators, you get some strange and unusable results. In crafting this AI image, you might need to use “skeleton on a pizza” as your prompt for better results. Thus, while using AI, the key is to be flexible with your prompts to create the most effective mnemonic.

dobrý deňdobrý de%u0148

Another example comes from the Slovak greeting for good day - dobrý deň. We could conjure up an image of a Doberman and a person named Jen (like Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Aniston).

der Apfel

Similarly, for the German word for appleder Apfel – we can picture apples falling on Isaac Newton at Trinity College Cambridge.

For the Italian counterpart – la mela – envision Melania Trump, posing as the evil stepmother from Snow White, holding a poisoned mela

With the help of AI art generators, the possibilities are limitless. No matter how fanciful your mnemonic, you can create a visual version of it that you can then see with your own eyes.

When creating mnemonics, seeing the actual images removes some burden from your imagination and makes them easier to remember.  As you navigate your language learning journey, AI art can be a useful way to bring your imagination to life and make the learning process even more fun, engaging, and memorable.

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