Welcome Spyros!

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Since its inception, Linguisticator has grown and developed significantly. I'm pleased to announce that my good friend, Dr. Spyros Armostis, has joined the team to help in developing new language programs built on the Linguisticator platform.

Originally from Cyprus, Spyros is a phonetician with a PhD in linguistics from the University of Cambridge. I first met Spyros at Wolfson College, Cambridge in 2005, where we often discussed topics related to linguistics and language learning.

Linguisticator is designed for English speakers to learn foreign languages; but the method itself can be applied to learning English. We are therefore working to complete a comprehensive English language training program based on the Linguisticator method. Dr. Armostis has been heavily involved in this development over the last few months, and I'm delighted to formally announce his joining the team.

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